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Agriculture in Europe is vulnerable to climate change. There are many solutions for climate-smart agriculture (CSA). The Spatial Solution Finder is a first guidance to farmers, advisors and policy planners to find CSA solutions that fit regions and farms in Europe. It discloses solutions at farm level for the dairy sector, which is related to region-specific information on livestock production areas in Europe, greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture and climate change impacts.

Four steps

  • Pick your region
  • Select your activities
  • View relevant issues
  • Explore practical solutions

Where is your farm located?

The choice of solutions for climate-smart agriculture depends on the landscape, the climate and the socio-economic setting.

Use the map to select the region you are located or interested in. The magnifying glass on the map can help to find and identify your region of interest.

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What are your activities?

Suitable CSA solutions must be based on your agricultural activities.


The type of livestock farming depends on the livestock density (livestock units per hectare of utilised agricultural land) and on the proportion of permanent grassland.

If the selected Livestock Production Area is not correct, please select the appropriate area

What are relevant issues in your area?

This section identifies risks and vulnerabilities that result from anticipated climate change.

Regional climate change impacts

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The following issues will impact your region:

    Cow milk

    Please select a region of interest. Did you already select a region? If so, this region has no known information about GHG emissions for cow milk.


    This section presents potential solutions, categorized into several themes, based on the relevant issues in your area.


    The Spatial Solution Finder is under active development. We are developing modules for other agricultural activities and issues of climate change, and are eager to learn from users. Do you have suggestions? Contact us at